New Street Deli

Food-to-go never tasted so good! Fresh food-to-go is central to the Gala store offering and New Street Deli is the new deli offering from Gala. With a contemporary and modern look, New Street Deli brings deli food to the next level with its innovative street food inspired menu, catering to a range of appetites. From ‘New Street Spice Boxes’ and ‘Messy Taco’ Friends to ‘Healthy Protein Salad Boxes’ and ‘New Fusion Wraps’, New Street Deli serves up exciting new options alongside the hot and cold deli classics that customers love such as breakfasts, sausage rolls, freshly made sandwiches and baguettes.

With sustainability in mind, the‘Street Box’ packaging features compostable and versatile packaging for food in which consumers can enjoy their menu choices on the go, complete with a compostable knife and fork, which can simply be disposed of in the recycling bin once finished.