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baker's corner

Gala Baker’s Corner concept was rolled out to stores across the Gala retailer network since 2013. Baker’s Corner allows our retailers to offer quality home baked goods to their customers and has been instrumental in recruiting new customers to the Gala brand, catering to their ‘knead’ for freshly baked breads and much more. From soda... Read more »

Coffee Junction

    Gala Retailers offer their customers a range of Coffee brands across our estate, Coffee Junction Costa Lavazza Java Republic Bewleys Essence Coffee Local Roasters   The ‘Coffee Junction’ in store Gala Coffee Offering has been developed exclusively for Gala retailers and is available from selected Gala stores nationwide. Expansive plans are in place... Read more »


Gala introduced its own fresh whipped ice cream and dessert station, Galato in 2018. For all you ‘cool customers’, the Galato offering comprises of a range of chilled dessert options, including ice-cream, milkshakes and desserts, with a twist. The vibrant and colourful Galato ice-cream stations are colourful and eye-catching, enticing customers to treat themselves to... Read more »

New Street Deli

Food-to-go never tasted so good! Fresh food-to-go is central to the Gala store offering and New Street Deli is the new deli offering from Gala. With a contemporary and modern look, New Street Deli brings deli food to the next level with its innovative street food inspired menu, catering to a range of appetites. From... Read more »


Distill is Gala’s off-sales alcohol offering, which includes the finest new and old-world wines and spirits, as well as a wide selection of beers and other alcohol beverages for Gala customers to enjoy.


A selection of interior images from Gala stores.


A selection of Gala storefronts