Gala introduced its own fresh whipped ice cream and dessert station, Galato in 2018. For all you ‘cool customers’, the Galato offering comprises of a range of chilled dessert options, including ice-cream, milkshakes and desserts, with a twist. The vibrant and colourful Galato ice-cream stations are colourful and eye-catching, enticing customers to treat themselves to one of the many dessert options on offer and making chilled desserts a convenient treat for Gala customers!

The Galato offering is youthful and fun, offering a variety of appealing ice-cream and dessert options throughout the year, with a range of seasonal offerings to tickle customers’ tastebuds including: Halloween Spooky Banana Boats, Christmas Hot Waffles & Ice Cream with Cinnamon Sprinkles; Valentine’s Day mini filled donuts with strawberry topping and a St. Patrick’s Day green and gold sundae! The offering taps into the ongoing consumer demand and popularity of frozen desserts and is a great addition to Gala’s expanding concept range.