Why Gala?

Gala was established in 1998 and is a wholly Irish-owned convenience Group. There are almost 200 stores in the Gala Group, including Gala and Gala express stores. The stores are locally-owned and are renowned for their commitment to the local communities in which they operate. Gala excel at tailoring Retailer’s offering to that of Consumer and Customer needs. You may well ask the question ‘Why Gala’. See below some of the reasons!

1. Strong, Modern, Well Recognised Brand

  • “Your Local Market”

2. Local Relationship/ Dual Levels of Support

  • Local Wholesaler Servicing Retailer
  • National Promotions to Store throughout the year in conjunction with tailored Promotions specific to store
  • Flexibility to react quickly to competitor offering, not falling in to what everybody else is doing
  • Retail Advisor from Local Wholesaler supporting store alongside Gala support team

Gala special olympics

3. Gala Retail Services

  • Retail Operations Manager & Executive Support
  • Fresh Food Manager Support
  • Head Office Support
  • Training
  • IT Support
  • National Promotions
  • TV Sponsorship
  • Comprehensive CB Supplier List
  • Competitive Rebates
  • Full Chilled Distribution offering

4. Fresh Foods

  • Fully trained Chefs as Fresh Food Managers
  • Extensive knowledge across all areas of Fresh Foods
  • Bakers Corner Offering- Unique Selling point above your competitors
  • Delivering Additional Sales with high Margin
  • Full offering across CB suppliers
  • Constant Innovation and Development across the main category within your store which you can differentiate yourself from your competitor

5. Project Management

  • Store Plan & Layout
  • Electrical & Plumbing Plan
  • Financial Planning
  • Equipment Sourcing and price tenders from Approved Suppliers
  • Contract Management
  • Staff Training
  • Store Opening Timeline