Gala Retail Unveils Ireland’s First-Ever Virtual Reality Store Layout Simulator

Gala Retail Unveils Ireland’s First-Ever Virtual Reality Store Layout Simulator

Gala Retail, a leading convenience retailer in Ireland, has announced the unveiling of a pioneering virtual reality store layout simulator – believed to be one of the first in Europe.

Representing a first-of-its-kind initiative within the convenience retail industry in Ireland and Europe, Gala Retail has invested almost €100,000 in cutting-edge technology to enhance the store planning experience for retailers, maximising every square foot of retail space. The technology also enables new retailers to the Group to have an immersive experience when visualising what their future Gala store could look like.

“At Gala Retail, we are committed to providing our retailers with tools that help empower their success. This groundbreaking simulator not only showcases the potential of Gala stores but also underpins Gala Retail’s commitment to fostering innovation within the convenience retail sector,” comments Gary Desmond, CEO at Gala Retail.

At the annual Gala conference at the Great Southern Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry. Picture Domnick Walsh

The technology was first available for Gala retailers to try out at the annual Gala Conference, where the Gala Group celebrated its 25th year in business and outlined its steadfast commitment to retail excellence.

The new VR simulator, developed in collaboration with Irish-based Technology Group, Mersus Technology, allows retailers to step into the future via a simulated Gala store environment. This state-of-the-art technology has been designed to breathe life into new store layouts, enabling retailers to visualise and navigate a Gala store right from the initial planning stages. By leveraging this innovative simulator, retailers gain valuable insights into the potential of a Gala store, demonstrating how strategic refurbishments can boost turnover and profits through intelligent space utilisation and the integration of advanced concepts.

 “Our virtual reality simulator goes beyond conventional planning methods. It offers a transformative experience, allowing retailers to explore the future of their Gala store in a remarkably immersive way. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, we aim to revolutionise the way our retailers conceptualize and plan their stores, driving growth and innovation within the Gala family,” comments Siobhan Grimes, Retail Operations Manager, Gala Retail.

For retailers seeking to join Gala Retail or existing Gala partners looking to revamp their stores, the virtual reality store simulator promises an unparalleled experience, providing invaluable insights into the future of retail spaces. For more information, please visit