‘The Recipe’ In-store Activation Announcement

To All

We are delighted to announce ‘The Recipe’ our final in-store promotion this year that gives you a chance to WIN a €200 Gala Voucher!


Promotion starts | 21.11.22

End date | 18/12/22

Retailer draws winner in store 19/12/22


When a customer spends €10 or more in your store (excludes Cigs, Lotto, Fuel) they will be given an Entry card. 

Once a customer selects their Christmas dessert of choice by ticking one of the five boxes or adding their own suggestion on the sixth box followed by completing their details on the card, they should place the Entry card in the submission box.

The winner of the €200 voucher will be drawn in-store by the store retailer after the closing date of 18.12.22.