Good 4 Me

Gala Retail has invested significant time and energy in developing Your Choice with Gala‘s health and wellness strategy which is all about delivering choice for consumers. The key to Gala’s offering, is that of choice which becomes “Your Choice”. Any successful business whether it to selling a service or product must have the consumer as the focus of its thinking and development. It is this customer centric approach that has enabled Gala to offer that broad range of choice to its shoppers both in store and in their lives.


From an in store perspective that has seen the development of ‘Good 4 Me‘ which caters for the shift in behaviour to a more health conscious shopper. This new initiative will provide shoppers with choice in store based on a healthier range and will help people live a healthier lifestyle. ┬áThe ‘Good 4 Me‘ range of offering will ensure Gala is at the cutting edge of providing healthy choice. Gala is committed to driving healthy choice in peoples lifestyles.